Facebook pivots into Stories

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Facebook is evolving from textual content and link-focused sharing to the visible verbal exchange layout its admits “Snapchat has in point of fact pioneered”.

All users will quickly have access to the Facebook’s new digicam feature that permits them to overlay special effects on photos and videos. They can then share this content to a Snapchat clone known as facebook tales that seems above news Feed on cellular and works in a similar way to Instagram’s 24-hour ephemeral slideshows.

Users also may share these posts to News Feed, individual friends through the new FB Direct private visual messages that disappear once digested or any combination thereof.

If FB Stories clearly cannibalized News Feed sharing and consumption, it would have to demolish its most popular and lucrative feature to make way for the future where the camera is the new keyboard. And if users saw Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp’s Stories features as uncool clones or redundant as a set, it might have had to limit its attack on Snapchat to just one of its core apps.

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